Sunday, June 16, 2013

Clutch Powers and The Penguin Pirates

Captain Penguin hobbled on his peg leg over to Clutch Powers.

“Clutch,” he said. “Prince Veron is in trouble! Our penguin spies have learned that the evil wizard plans to kidnap him... and take over his kingdom.”

“How can I help, Captain?” asked Clutch.

“My crew has located the wizards secret base on an island not far from here... our ship can take you there,” explained the penguin captain.

So Clutch Powers went down to the docs and boarded the penguin ship. On the flag was a penguin skull over two fish bones crossing. They were pirate penguins... but they always helped the good guys.

When the ship got to the secret island, Clutch took a row boat to shore. He hid his boat in the jungle by the beach and then sneaked into the jungle.

Soon he was spotted by a skeleton trooper on patrol. The skeleton said, “stop right there - this is the evil wizard’s island and you’re trespassing. Drop your weapons and come with me or I’ll attack you with my sword!”

But Clutch powers just looked at the skeleton and used the laser lights on his head to blast the skeleton. The skeleton blew apart into lego pieces that bounced into the jungle bushes.

“Phew,” said Clutch. “That was a close one. Good thing there was only one skeleton on that patrol.”

Just then, Clutch saw three more skeletons come around a bend in the trail.

“Hey you, stop right there!” said one of the skeletons.

Clutch turned to blast them, but then he saw a whole skeleton army coming around the corner.

“Uh oh!” he said. “There’s too many of them. What will I do?”

He decided to run for it... but when he turned around he saw another army coming up the hill through the jungle from the beach. It was the penguins!

The penguins joined Clutch and attacked the skeleton army. The penguins used their plastic swords to chop at the skeletons. The penguins had shields to protect them from the skeleton swords, and the penguins used their own swords to knock away the skeleton shields. Then they could knock away the skeleton swords, and finally... chop the skeletons into lego bricks. Soon, the jungle was full of black and white lego pieces. The penguins and Clutch Powers had defeated the skeleton army.

They finally turned the corner in the path together. Clutch led the way, with the entire penguin army behind him. When they turned the corner they saw another penguin. Captain Penguin was suddenly afraid.

“That’s Dr. Evil Penguin,” he said.

“That’s right,” said Dr. Evil Penguin. “Except I’m not really evil... I’m the penguin spy that told you about the evil wizard’s plan. And... I know where you can find his secret cave. Follow me.”

“Let’s go,” Clutch said.

When they got to the secret cave that Dr. Evil Penguin led them to, they could see flashes of light coming from inside. The evil wizard stepped out and started zapping penguins with bolts of dark magic from his staff.

The penguins, even Dr. Evil Penguin and Captain Penguin, started panicing and running in circles. Only Clutch Powers remained calm.

He fired his head laser lights at the evil wizard’s staff. It was deactivated! Now the penguin army surrounded the evil wizard... and he surrendered.

The penguins took the evil wizard back to their ship and put him in the brig. They sailed back to Prince Veron’s kingdom where they threw a big party for Clutch Powers, Captain Penguin, and Dr. Evil Penguin... and they put the evil wizard into the dungeon, where he couldn’t hurt anyone anymore.

By: Clark and Mark Wagner

Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm two!

How old am I, you ask? (Everybody does.) I'm two! Just look at the book Mommy made about my party at Build a Bear... we even had cake after!

Click here to view this photo book larger

Friday, January 1, 2010

Baby Finn Was Born!

I'm a big brother now! Yesterday Grandma and Grandpa took me to the hospital (where the doctors are fixing Mommy) and I got to see Baby Finn! He's a real baby... and I love him. Here's a picture of my brother:

Click on the picture to see an album of "best of" photos Daddy took. Can you find the one of me kissing my brother?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Baseball Practice

Click on the picture to see little "you" (I mean "me"... boy, pronouns are hard!) running around the diamond.