Sunday, July 13, 2008


Yes, I loved the birthplace of my mother, not only because of the spectacular WIND and many pinata smashing opportunities (which I found out is called SPLASHING when you do it in water), but the people are so friendly and full of smiles. The pool was instant fun, but the beach is a little scarier and it took me a few days to realize I could also SPLASH there. Also there is more in and out at the beach. Daddy kept picking me up and putting me down again so the big splashes he called WAVES wouldn't get me. Also we had to keep going back to the water from our towel. First to get wet, then back in to wash off the rocks I was hiding in my toes, then back in to wash off the big spit up I did, then back in to wash my hand that wandered off the towel and got all messy, then back in for pictures- and we were only there for 15 min:) But I had a lot of fun and played so hard that I took my biggest naps ever. Mommy said that it was like last year when they were here. She took her biggest naps ever too 'cause her tummy didn't feel good ('cause I was inside her), but this year she said was better because she could have something called MAI TAIs.


Techie Deb said...

OK, who took the picture of you guys walking to or away from the beach and all the green sugarcane looking stuff? I can see all three of you at once and no camera. I loved all of pictures, you're all so beautiful, handsome and cute. The one with the clouds and the water with light or was that rain filtering down was especially beautiful. Of course all the pictures of you with Mommy or Daddy are sooooo cute. Daddy and you on the bed was great too. How did you get him to pose just like you? Thank you, Clark for making Mommy post as soon as you got back. I missed you and was happy to see you were having fun!
Luv ya,

Techie Deb said...

Clark, I just remembered who you reminded me of in that first picture. You know that little man with the pointed hat who works for Travelocity. Of course you don't have a pointed hat but the scene is similar and he's probably as tall as you are. Maybe you can be famous like him and go to all kinds of places. You might have to learn to stand up first but all your karate practice should make you a good candidate.