Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby Signing Time

My favorite show in the world is Baby Signing Time. It's got babies and music and helps me learn to tell mommy and daddy what I want! Why would a baby watch anything else? I like to sign "time" for mommy and daddy to ask for the show. Sometimes it works, but sometimes I have to grab the remotes and say "DVD" or "TV" - with my voice, not with my hands.

Anyway, Mommy and Daddy say I have a signing vocabulary of like 40 signs - and I think that's a big number! Mommy took some pictures of my signs - take a look by clicking on me saying "hat" below:

Daddy also took a video of me signing with Mommy. You can watch it right here on my blog!

I can even tell Mommy and Daddy when I go potty, which is great 'cause I get new diapers right away... but when I tell them before I have to go they want me to sit on a potty - and I don't like that!

I'll share more signs here soon - let me know if you have any special requests.


Cathy said...

Hi Clark! You are a cutie! Way to go with the signs. Does your mom know that there is a chart you can download on the Signing Time! site that can track the signs you learn? She can print them out here:

We are a huge Signing Time family, and stumbled upon your blog.

Eva Wagner said...

Thanks for the tip! We will have fun checking them off. Check back at the end of the month to see an ABC book of Clark's signs:)

Benton in Ballard said...

Hi Clark - Thank you for posting that cool video of you signing. Julie and I loved it. We are so impressed with how you are growing! :)

Quackers liked it too.