Sunday, May 24, 2009

Errands with Dada

Every Friday (and sometimes on Monday) Dada takes me on a walk to do "errands." It's always a lot of fun! First I help Dada check his P.O. box... where he get's mail!

If I'm lucky, one of the nice ladies at the UPS Store will play with me. Sometimes they even bring me toys!

Next we go to the bank. Dada always lets me use the card and push the buttons. It reminds me of a line from that new U2 song he likes... "I was punchin' in the numbers at the ATM machine..."

Then, if we need anything from the store, we do some grocery shopping. I like riding in the cart, but it's even more fun to take things off the shelf!

If I'm lucky, Dada will let me get a newspaper. Actually, he never does, but boy do I want to crinkle one whenever I see one in the machine... but the machines sure rattle good even if I can't have a newspaper!

And we always make time for a game of "boo!"

But we don't always have time to go in the other stores... but boy do I want to!

That's right. I'm a big help on Dada's errands... even when I just want to be chasing birds... and even when I have a runny nose. I'm such a big boy. :)

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Techie Deb said...

Gee, Clark you have such fun Fridays. Well I guess I have fun too I get to play and learn with 20 first graders on Fridays.