Thursday, July 30, 2009

Waiting for Tomatoes

I helped Mama inspect all the tomatoes today. One had turned orange and I was very fascinated by this. She said I had to wait 'til it was red so I sat down and signed wait. well I waited like 30 seconds but nothing happened so I pretended to eat them. Yum yum!

UPDATE 08/08/09: I got to eat a red tomato - I got to pick it, and it tasted yummy! Now I want to pick all the tomatoes but Mama and Dada don't like that. :(

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Eva Wagner said...

Unfortunately Clark has been so entranced by picking off the red tomatoes that he now "sneaks" out to try and pick the green and yellow ones. no amount of talking to seems to make a difference to him so it will most likely be a very short tomato season:(