Friday, August 7, 2009

Baby Brother

When Mama and Dada asked if the baby was a boy or girl I just signed baby. They kept asking me, so I signed girl. Now they know I can't predict the future cause Mama says it's a boy. She was a little disappointed she wouldn't get to buy girl stuff, but she will just have to buy it for herself - besides boy toys are way better. :)

UPDATE 08/08/09:
Here are some more pictures of my baby brother! Also, you can vote on what Mama and Dada should name him - just click on the poll to the right.


Benton in Ballard said...

Hi Clark - That is great you will have a little brother. They are great. My mom loved having 2 boys!

You could always name your brother "Benton". It is a good one. :)

JLWagner said...

Though I do like Conner -- Clark and Conner does sound well.........I think Christopher would be my pick.

Blessings to your family.