Tuesday, May 13, 2008

James' Graduation

I took my first trip on a PLANE this weekend. Boy was it fun. The first plane ride I was a little grumpy because the announcements were so loud and I was trying to sleep! But the ride back was better 'cause I got to sit in my own seat and slept the whole way. I went to a cold place called San Francisco to watch Uncle James graduate. All the people made loud noises with their hands, that was crazy and I wasn't sure if I like it, but Daddy was doing it to so I figured it was okay. Later he told me it was called Clapping. I hung out at the afterparty and everybody wanted to meet me. They said I was sooo cute! We had a fun time walking around the city too, (they have Wind there too) and I slept in many different restaurants. The best part was giving Mommy her first mother's day card. When she read it, she got happy wet eyes. She loves me sooo much:)

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