Sunday, May 18, 2008


I took a very long drive in the car to a fantastical place called Yosemite. At first I was a bit cranky in this new place because it was so hot, and I had just had my shots yesterday, but Daddy and Mommy soon figured out how to keep me happy in the air conditioning and rocking me to sleep in my stroller by doing a lap around each restaurant. Daddy was busy teaching people about computer stuff and how to use blogs like this one, but I was busy making lots of new friends at the pool, in the lobby, in the elevator... On the last day the whole family got up at my early feeding (that never happens) and we drove to into the Valley where we saw BIG rocks and even BIGGER waterfalls that looked like milk (Yum!)
I liked walking around in the Baby Bjorn with my sunglasses on. Everybody smiled at me and said how cute I was. I touched a tree.
I got wet with Daddy by the falls.

I had so much fun I fell asleep.

I like this place Daddy calls Nature. (PS. They have wind here too!)

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