Saturday, January 24, 2009

Heaven (aka. swim lessons)

I went to the most wonderful place on this planet the other day. It was hot like a jungle and there were lots of kids and babies for me to watch. Then we went in a pool where mommy sang me songs and let me kick and splash. She even put my face under the water. Well, just my chin and mouth, but I didn't drink the water, it just went in and then came out. She kept telling me to close my mouth but I couldn't, I was smiling and laughing too much for that:) Then I got to snuggle on her shoulder and somehow ended up "floating" on my back. The water tickled my ears, but I still like it. Then came the best part; Carmella, my teacher, put me on a big yellow board and I was suppose to crawl across it. And I did, but first I did my groove thing, where I sway back and forth and shake my booty, cause they had fun music playing. When I got all the way across, I jumped to momma! And then we all clapped!

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