Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pond Expansion

There has been some construction in ToyLand and my 2X3' pond has now been expanded into a circular sit and spin we now call "the circus". The Circus is great, but a little overwhelming. There are lots of fun things to look at, listen to and touch, but after trying for 15 min to stick things in my mouth I finally end up with tears and a puddle of drool in my realization that "it ain't gonna happen". Mommy says they arefixed in place and don't move, but I don't understand how that is even possible. I can pull everything else to my mouth: binkys, toys, blankets, burp rags, mommy's hair, mommy's shirt, mommy's fingers, mommy's arm...Anyway, sometimes when I get upset with a toy for not cooperating, I just need a little reminder that there are other toys in the world and mommy spins me a few inches and viola, there's another toy for me to try to coax in my mouth.

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